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Human Nature

A podcast that explores the nature of our human experience. What drives you to do what you do? What gravitates you towards your passions?

A Higher Flying Disc

A daily podcast that is geared toward helping people raise their vibration to a higher flying disc. We currently share Abraham Hicks work but are excited to be incorporating a variety of teachings to raise the collective!


Welcome to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. The DFS BUM is hosted by Dan Foster and brings you up to date information on everything you need to know about Single Game Tournaments on Fanduel and Draftkings.

Sol Good Daily

This daily podcast explores the behind the scenes of my life. I share ideas that are on my mind, experiences I've been going through, as well as my hopes and dreams as Sol Good Media continues to grow and evolve.

Writing Music 4 You

Send me your idea via voice messages and I'll turn your topic into a song and put it on the podcast!

Simulation To Depth

Bryan and Solomon dive into the world of intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation and how it shaping the world around us.

Sol & Mol

We share parents. We share an office. We share ideas. Stay tuned for weekly episodes and send us a voice message to join the conversation!

Yoga Roots

Tiffany Lenau has been a supporter of Sol Good Media for awhile now and I am SUPER excited to be helping her launch the Yoga Roots Podcast. She'll be interviewing instructors, sharing sound healings, and connecting her yoga community in the process!

Story Music Podcast

A podcast interviewing musicians about the stories behind the songs and albums that they create.

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